“I learn something new from other members at every meeting – the knowledge and experiences we all share is priceless.”


Dustin Cremeans,

Funeral Directors’ Answering Service

Huntington, WV

​​Telecommunications Users Network, Inc. ("TUNe") is an association of Telescan equiptment users sharing, exchanging and profiting from innovative ideas.

"Professionals helping professionals get the best return on investment from all aspects of their business through collaboration and cooperation."

Scott Grieff,
Communications Center, Inc. 
​Franklin, PA

TUNe Conference ~ April 14-17, 2019

Holiday Inn Downtown Superdome ~ New Orleans, LA  

More information to come...

"Our industry is so unique...we all do the same thing we just do it differently.
Being part of TUNe gives our team the opportunity to to communicate with people who actually understand what we do. The combined knowledge and years of experience among its members is immeasurable"

                                                                Joy Portillo,                                           Tele-Sec Communications, Inc. 

Florence, AL

Telecommunications Users Network - TUNe   ~   PO BOX 356   Alton, IL 62002   
Executive Director - Maryellen Pruitt   ~   618-696-8174   ~   Pruitt1295@gmail.com 

"The annual TUNe conference is essential to your business. There is always a lot to learn from all of the presenters but the most beneficial thing you get is the networking with others who know how your system works."​

Jennifer Schulz,  
Answer Midwest, Inc. 
​Alton, IL