One set of Telescan Keyboard Stickers:

We still sell the custom keyboard replacement COVERS.


We now also sell the custom keyboard STICKERS

that were previously sold by Telescan. 

To place an order please select from the following payment options:

 NOTICE: Due to circumstances beyond our control,

the custom keyboards previously sold by us are no longer available.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

 If you need repairs or have questions please contact Maryellen @ 

Special order keycaps from WASD ~

One of our TUNe members worked with a company called WASD. They made key caps that you can use on a specific keyboard base that you purchase separately. There are 3 options - a custom set that he made and a partial and a full set of Telescan replicated keys. If you are interested in this option please use the link below to order directly from WASD. These key caps are not affiliate with TUNe but are another option available to everyone.